Remote MySQL Access

Remotely connect to your MySQL database

Establishing a remote MySQL database connection can be tough with other hosting providers. Yet at The hostr, we’ve made the process amazingly simple – what you need to do is specify the IP address of the hostname you want to provide access and our intelligent system will do the rest. A remote MySQL connection can be extremely useful if you need to share a database between a number of web sites.

Scripting Support

Full scripting support with each of our cloud web hosting plans

All our cloud web hosting plans offer scripting support. You will be able to use any PHP or Python–based web app and also take advantage of more than 3400 Perl modules supported by our Linux–powered hosting servers. What’s more, you can use MySQL and even PgSQL databases and utilize the InnoDB storage engine coming with each package. Zend Optimizer, SSI, ImageMagick and GD Library are supported as well.


A secure web app firewall

Our company offers an instant method of shielding every web app in your account, irrespective of whether it is newly installed or has been transferred from a different web hosting distributor. All our cloud web hosting packs feature ModSecurity – a web app firewall software, which is activated automatically. We have configured it to momentarily block most hack assaults. This suggests that once you host your web site with us, it will be safer than ever before.

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